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A Homeowner in Ocean City Was Amazed by the Quality of Our Grout Cleaning

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June 16, 2023

It's hard to look past a dirty surface, especially in those living spaces where we expect the highest hygiene standards. A homeowner in Ocean City had these concerns in mind when she contacted our techs. She'd been struggling with soiled grout around different parts of her home, namely her kitchen backsplash and the floor in her guest bathroom. There was no way to conceal the damage, and the homeowner didn't want to try new cleaners after her first few attempts to mix different detergents.

Tile Floor Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Ocean City
She came across Sir Grout Ocean City by chance during a random online search, right around the time she'd sworn off DIY cleaners. Our website's content made her hopeful, and her interest only grew as she kept reading about our Ocean City grout cleaning. Then, the homeowner called our specialists to ask for more information and schedule an in-home evaluation. Our crew was at her doorstep just a few days later.

They took their time during the inspection, checking every inch of the bathroom floor after looking at the backsplash from all sides. In both cases, the grout had accumulated a thick layer of dirt that made its surface go from white to a greyish shade that stood out in all the wrong ways. It was safe to say that chemical cleaners had played a part in weakening the grout sealant to the point that so much dirt had gathered on the surface in less than two months. The combination of unsealed grout lines and daily wear and tear had also put a toll on the backsplash surface. Portions of the grout had grown loose around the corners, making the area more vulnerable to impact, moisture, and other issues.

Kitchen Backsplash Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Ocean City
Our specialists explained the restoration process as soon as they completed the inspection. They told the client that grout needed a proper sealant to remain smooth for months on end. They offered to make the necessary repairs after using their professional cleaning equipment on the floor and kitchen surfaces. They reassured the client that there was no permanent damage and confirmed that they could conduct the restoration that same week. Relieved, the client immediately took the chance to schedule the appointment.

So, our techs returned to her house in Ocean City with all the necessary tools to complete the process in one session. First, they cleaned the soiled tile surface with a pH-neutral cleaner, using a high-speed scrubber to remove loose dirt, grime, mold, and grease. Our product brings a unique effect to eliminate stains in less time without exposing hard surfaces to harsh chemicals. It wasn't hard for our techs to get rid of the embedded dirt after a few minutes, all without having to use additional products to complete the job.

Close-Up of Kitchen Backsplash Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Ocean City
By then, the tiles on the backsplash and bathroom floor already looked much better. To fix the grout, our techs re-caulked the damaged lines on the corners and around the horizontal seams. They went on to apply ColorSeal, making the grout match the tiles' pearly white tones. Thanks to this acrylic-based sealant, high-traffic surfaces can stay smooth and spotless for much longer. Our ColorSeal wards off liquids, mold, mildew, mud, food residue, and other external elements, so nothing adheres to the grout pores in the meantime. Cleaning becomes less of a chore and the grout keeps its brand-new look with only basic maintenance.

The bathroom floor was buffed one last time to enhance the tiles' new shine. Now that the restoration was complete, our techs let the client tour the kitchen and bathroom as she checked the end result. She was amazed by the transformation, remarking on how the white grout made the rooms look larger and more lively. Her family also praised our work after basking in the beauty of their restored surfaces.

At the end of the appointment, our techs put away their equipment and checked their work one last time. They left the client with useful cleaning tips that would help her through her weekly cleaning. They recommended replacing traditional formulas with pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Neutral cleaners are much more effective at removing stains and the leftover stickiness left by moisture. It also preserves the sealant's protection for a long time, even in crowded spaces like kitchens and bathroom floors. To fight the dampness that often gathers around these areas, our techs instructed the client to open the windows and doors a few hours a day. Good indoor ventilation reduces the spread of mold and pests while simplifying cleaning and maintenance. Other recommendations included using non-abrasive tools to scrub off stains and using rugs/doormats to stop the spread of dirt all over the house. The client thanked our crew and promised to tell everyone she knew about our cleaning and restoration services.

Are you tired of fighting the effects of decay on your home's grout? Sir Grout Ocean City has the solution to help you obtain real results. Our restoration methods have no match and our techs are always ready to do whatever it takes to restore the beauty of your tiles and grout. You can call (410) 600-7912 or fill out our "Request a Quote" form to ask for an in-home consultation, and our crew will not keep you waiting. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss out on our latest promotions and updates.

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